Jungle Food Restaurant

HTML, CSS, JavaScript


Custom CMS

Jungle Food is a jungle-themed restaurant serving Latin-American inspired cuisine that was built by myself and a team of 4 other developers. I acted as the Team Lead, organizing the project timeline and assisting the Design Lead in the interface design as needed.


The development process for the Jungle Food restaurant was fairly straightforward. I knew I wanted to lead the homepage with the specials, and I thought that as a user, I would really only be interested in seeing that specific day’s special. I created a function to hide all of the specials unless it was the daily special for that day of the week. We determined that the restaurant would be closed on Sundays, so I knew I would need to display a message on that day so that users would know that the restaurant was closed.

For the booking forms, I started with a generic form on the contact page. I thought of all of the reasons why someone might want to contact a restaurant through the website, and created three forms to meet the most common needs. I set the forms to display on the click of the corresponding button, found at the top of the contact page.

For the booking form, I began to think about how to enhance this feature and thought about how I might approach booking a specific table in the restaurant. I added an image of the restaurant, and when a user clicks on a table, they are able to book that specific table.

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