PyTrakr: Task Management System

Python, Django


Custom CMS

PyTrakr is a freelance work tracking and task management system, with a timer that can track hours and holds a total that the user can automatically generate invoices and charge for the work they have completed.


This project is currently an ongoing collaborative project being completed by myself and 5 other developers. This project has not yet been deployed and is still in the development phase.

In building the system, we started by developing the CRUD functionality for projects and tasks. The core functionality of the system is having the task management, so we needed to ensure those systems worked before we could move forward with the invoices, timer and notes system.

The tasks exist on their own, in a dashboard of all upcoming tasks for every project as well as in the project view, to give users some variety in how they wish to see tasks displayed. The invoices and work diary systems pull the information from the projects and tasks to create summaries of the work completed.

This was our group’s first dive into the world of Python and Django, and we knew we wanted to build something practical, that perhaps one day we would use. Though the project has not been deployed to a live site, you can view screenshots of the system below!

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