Embodying Power and Place


Designer, Developer


Nightwood Theatre approached us in collaboration with Native Earth Productions with a new project, Embodying Power and Place. Due to the limitations of COVID-19 on theatre productions, the project would need its own digital space online to take place. We set to work creating a new WordPress installation and a new design based around Indigenous art that was provided for us. The result was a clean, beautiful site that highlighted the videos of each performance.


The project began with discussions around the needs of this production. The entire show had to take place online, using pre-recorded videos made available on specific days and only to registered users. We also knew we needed a separate way to provide early access to online content for registered schools.

We got to work setting up a conversion-focused design leading users to the registration forms. We also worked with password protection, keeping pages hidden from public view to push all audience members to register.

As with our first Nightwood Theatre project, we put a large focus on ensuring that content was always editable by the NIghtwood and Native Earth Productions team. The project was a success, with a high registration rate and a successful show.


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