5 lightbulbs in a row, 1 swinging

My Own “Oh Right, I Can Build That!” Moment

One of my favourite hobbies is spending time creative writing. I’m not choosy about what I write; whether it’s a journal entry, a piece of fiction, a piece of content for a client, or an essay (I know, I’m the anomaly, but I really do love writing an essay!). I do have a lot of ideas, so I typically write the ideas I have down for later. I have a small mason jar that is filled with folded slips of paper and whenever I have time or the desire to write something I will fish one of them out and get started on writing what is on it.

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Semester 1: Learning Web Development

My first experience with web development was a bit of a crash course for me. The extent of my coding knowledge came from formatting my Piczo website in the mid-2000s (if you don’t know what that is, count yourself very, very lucky) – and then I was given a client which required me to handle the ongoing maintenance, and create pages for about 7 websites on a monthly basis. Managing the websites required me to understand HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and PHP.

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