Nightwood Theatre Website Redesign

PHP, HTML/CSS, JavaScript

Designer, Developer


The current website for Nightwood Theatre did not accurately display the vibrant and modern feel that the Nightwood organization brings to the Toronto theatre scene. Myself and one other designer/developer were tasked with the job of redesigning the Nightwood website to give it a fresh look, reflecting a number of recent changes to their marketing collateral materials. We did this using Wordpress, giving Nightwood a back-end system they could use effectively to manage their website in-house.


The project began with the Nightwood team selecting several Wordpress themes they were interested in using. My partner and I completed an analysis of Nightwood’s existing website, compiling notes on areas for improvement, as well as completing an analysis of the themes selected, ranking the options for accessibility and responsiveness.

When the team settled on a theme to use, we began customizing the theme to meet the needs of the website. The main concern for the website was ensuring that the donation button was always visible, and the navigation structure was easy to use and made sense for users.

Another focus as we built the website was ensuring that it was built in a way that was simple enough for the team to use in-house. Through a simple page building plugin, on-page content is easily editable for the team in a way that makes sense for them, with all design elements hardcoded in the child theme, making it easy for the team to edit and add pages as needed.

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